We save lives

Reduction in Sulphur dioxide emissions by upto 80%
Reduction in SPM and RSPM emissions by up to 50%

(1 in 8 deaths globally attributed to Air Pollution: WHO)


Substantial Fuel reduction with increased efficiency & reduced O&M costs

We are ARM

If the Planet had a voice it would tell you to use ARM products

Eco Friendly

We are proud to say our products drastically reduce emissions and dangerous pollutants in the air.

Reduced costs

Our high quality products pay for themselves by ensuring fuel savings & reduced O & M costs.

High performance

Our products quality helps solve operational & environmental objectives especially in Industries using solid fuels such as coal,lignite ,petcoke,etc. It increases production & propels the combustion process.


A very “expressive” anti pollutant of good credible standard.

Eco Friendly

Reduces harmful pollutants being released in the atmosphere from boilers & kilns

Decreased SO2 emissions

Reduces S02 emissions from the furnace

Reduced Pollutants

Lowers the black smoke, dust & SPM

Equipment friendly

The additives are very safe to use and help in increasing efficiency along with the lifespan of the equipment & machinery.


Product Demo

Let us be resposbible and get involed with ecological restoration.

Advanced Resources & Marketing Pvt Ltd aims to do its part for the environment and make it cleaner and greener